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Our Story

At greenBulk we do more than just resell. Our goal is to increase the value of the brands we work with so their businesses can properly grow. We take care of their image and provide the best customer service possible in order to build profitable relationships. 

Our story
Our mission

Our Mission

Our company's priority is to bring happiness to our customers. We only sell genuine, reliable and high-quality products.

All the products greenBulk offers are new, brand-name and authentic. We offer a wide variety of products that have been carefully selected from the best manufacturers and distributors in the world.

 From start to finish, greenBulk is ready to help you find solutions to marketing, online marketplaces, wholesale, retail and inventory problems that can affect your revenue. We want to help you break down the walls and succeed! 


B2B Distribution

Using B2B distribution with your clients is a great way to keep your business transactions updated and ready for action. Through the B2B system, your clients can take a look at your pricing and your products in order to place orders smoothly and quickly. The B2B portal allows clients to find exactly what they need from you with just a few clicks. It also allows retailers to place wholesale orders for you to evaluate and fulfill as soon as they're confirmed.

Brand Sourcing

To put it simply, product sourcing is the process of finding new products to sell through your business. A product's source can be either domestic or international. It's important for you to make sure your business is up and running before you move on to this step.

International Logistics

International logistics are multi-level strategic plans necessary for businesses to enter overseas markets, establish a growing presence and quickly become profitable. Foreign expansion strategies make for a structural and sustainable growth.







Happy Customers




Neil Sultan

Was born in Caracas, Venezuela. Greenbulk has been one of Amazon's top 100 sellers under his leadership as CEO and Founder starting April 2020 and making them a $60M (8 Figure Seller) in just 3 years. He began his e-commerce career as an Online Manager at IFX Networks , moving on to managing his own eBay and Shopify dropshipping accounts for over 4 years before breaking into the Amazon business doing dropshipping, shifting to FBA, and becoming the CEO for Greenbulk.


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